About Z-imba Buildings

From the beginning, Z-imba has aimed to build fast and affordable structures that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in Zimbabwe

What We Do

Manufacturing of Prefab Buildings

Our factory does most of the work so at the site the building goes up smoothly.

Z-imba Installation

Our installation team will put the building up including glazing windows.

Custom Design Buildings

We build structures that fit your needs, down to every little detail.

Z-imba Buildings

Z-imba is a division of Carguard (Pvt) Ltd which has over 30 years’ experience in steel product manufacturing. Z-imba was established in 2015. Materials are sourced from local suppliers making Z-imba proudly Zimbabwean. All our drawings and designs done in-house.

Z-imba buildings were developed in Zimbabwe out of a need to fill a gap in the low-cost housing and infrastructure market but it is a product that has limitless options. We quickly found that the modular make-up of the panel design, allows an infinite number of floorplans to be made up and realised that this method of building, although only semi-permanent, could cater for all walks of life from the keen gardener needing storage, to a fully-fledged church organisation needing a church hall and pretty much everything in between!

Initially devised as a semi-permanent housing for the developing areas where a client has purchased a stand, we feel that the Z-imba offers a far superior “temporary structure” to the alternative and very commonly used, wooden shed. Whereas the wooden shed structures could and often do, burn down, the Z-imba is fire resistant, being manufactured from chromadek sheeting and steel frame sections. Should the client choose the interior chromadek cladding for long lasting and durable product.

The Z-imba, depending on which floorplan the client chooses, can take as little as half a day to erect. The only requirement is that the client either pre lays a concrete slab or can throw a 70mm screed after the structure has been erected. Minimum erection requirements are that the structure is erected on a firm level surface.

Z-imba structures all come standard with Alucushion® insulation which drastically reduces the temperature within the building. Z-imba also boasts the C2H (6 pane) window as standard in all the non-storage floorplans. Gaps and joins are all sealed using the latest in foam seal technology guaranteeing a draft free structure. All Z-imba buildings are equipped with waterproof flashings and hidden gutter systems preventing unwanted leaks and keeping the contents or occupants warm and dry.

The Z-imba structure can be sold, either “flatpacked” or can be erected at the client’s choice of site, for a small fee. When sold as flatpacked, the building comes with a full set of instructions, and everything required to erect the structure.

Optional extras are only limited by budget, with choices ranging from interior wall cladding all the way to a fully integrated solar power system for lights, or roof mounted water storage options.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

With our flatpack panel system and minimal foundations, the environmental damage is kept to a minimum.  


Chromadek Is Treated To Insure a Longer Lasting Product

Our buildings are made to last the test of time. Using chromadek that will never rust or be affected by ant damage.


Low Maintenance Cost

All our buildings come with a standard grey paint to help stop rust. The Chromadek used will come with a colour of your choosing that will never need to be painted. 

Years Established

Completed Projects

For your project to be successful, timing is everything, and with Z-imba Prefab buildings we get the job done fast.

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