Z-imba buildings require little maintenance and are made to stand the test of time. We will work with you to design your space and incorperate any requirements that you have.

Z-imba Buildings Terms and Conditions

Due to the variety of designs, layouts and colour options, buildings are not held in stock, but are made to order. Production lead-times vary from 1 to several weeks. Installation time varies from 1 to 3 days for the buildings shown in this catalogue.

Free installation within a 25km radius of Harare and Bulawayo GPO.
Additional charges may be raised for transport and installation outside of these centers.

Availability of customer choice of chromadek colour to be confirmed at time of order.

A Z-imba typical concrete floor slab, unless otherwise specified this is for a light duty 70mmfloor slab, with a 30mm internal floor screed applied once the building has been installed.

Where the customer is providing the concrete floor slab, a floor plan detailing required slab dimensions will be provided. Customer to ensure sufficient space is left between existing buildings & walls to accommodate standard Z-imba roof overhang of 400mm.

Where customer supplied concrete slab is not level or to required specifications and second trip is required for
installation, the company will raise additional transport and installation charges.



A minimum period of 7 days from casting of slab to installation of building is required in order for concrete to cure.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine suitable site location with regard to ground conditions, water table,
water run-off, vegetation, surrounding buildings, amenities and local authority requirements.

Roof panels are not designed to support heavy solar geysers. Roof can be strengthened at extra cost.

Upon acceptance of quotation, verbal or telephonic changes to specifications, colours or installation will not be accepted. Variations / changes will need to be communicated to the company in writing, in good time, and may attract additional costs.

Delivery of the goods is taken to mean collection from Car Guard (Pvt) Ltd premises, irrespective of means of

Costs for repair of components damaged by customer or third party transporters will be raised, and at the
company’s discretion.

Questions About Z-imba Buildings


Eco Friendly Construction

With our flatpack panel system and minimal foundations, the environmental damage is kept to a minimum.  


Chromadek Is Treated To Insure a Longer Lasting Product

Our buildings are made to last the test of time. Using chromadek that will never rust or be affected by ant damage.


Low Maintenance Cost

All our buildings come with a standard grey paint to help stop rust. The Chromadek used will come with a colour of your choosing that will never need to be painted. 

Can a Z-imba building be relocated to another site?
  • Yes the building can be relocated to another site by simply unbolting the panels
Can you tell me what a Z-imba Building is made from?
  • Z-imba buildings are produced in an eco-friendly colour steel cladding which has a quality finish. The Z-imba panel system utilizes alibubble insulation to help keep the internal building temperatures down
How is a Z-imba Building transported and assembled at the site?
  •  Our buildings are all based on a bolt together panel system for easy transport. The panels comprise of walls, and roofing. Each is designed to fit together precisely with the next by bolting the panels together, and can be customized according to your requirements
Whats is the maximum size a Z-imba can be?
  • Our Z-imba can only span 11.2m(w) but can be as long as you like. With a max roof height of 2.8m(H) and 2.11m(H) at eve.
What does a Z-imba come with for heat prevention?
  • All our buildings come standard with Alububble in the ceiling. You can also add internal cladding with side wall insulation to help keep the building cooler. We do recommend adding a verandah to keep the sun off the side walls as best as possible as well as noting to prevailing winds in order for us to have the windows opening into the wind to funnel air through the building.

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Questions About Concrete Slabs 


Come Is Any Chromadek Colour

Our buildings can come in all the Chromadek colours. You can even choose between a variation of colours for the roof, walls and cladding 


Made To Last

Z-imba buildings are designed to withstand the harshest conditions with internalized coloured steel cladding. We can use our portable frame to create a building that will last regardless of the external environment.



Great Finish

Z-imba buildings can be built with our colour steel cladding, panel design for a great internal finish.

Where do I get the dimensions of the foundation ?
  • Slab dimensions will be provided on the floor plans of your building 
Can you tell me more about what foundation I will need for a Z-imba Building ?
  • We do put our building on a 70mm concrete slab with black plastic sheeting for damp course and a 30mm screed which is sloping away from the building however, without suitable drainage water can seep under the panels
What about drainage and positioning my new Z-imba Building ?
  • While our buildings are prefab and can fit in almost any space, we do advise you to think about rainfall when establishing a suitable site for your building. Being at the bottom of a steep slope or right up against the retaining wall may lead to the room being flooding. We also recommend a 60cm gap between your building and already exciting buildings
Should the ground be cleared and level before lay my concrete ?
  • Yes – the ground must be clear of organic matter and well levelled before laying the concrete
Can Z-imba the concrete for me ?
  • Yes we can. Or we can recommend a builder who can lay the concrete for you. In areas outside of Harare, it would be cost-effective getting a local builder

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Questions About Sunports 


Protect Your Car

Our Sunports come in component form and minimal foundations, the environmental damage is kept to a minimum.  


Steel is painted To Insure a Longer Lasting Product

Our Sunports are made to last the test of time. Using paint to prevent rust 


Low Maintenance Cost

All our Sunports come standard with the customers required colour of paint to help stop rust. 

Is the shade cloth water proof?
  • The shade cloth is not waterproof but the pitch of the roof and the fine stitching allows

    Most of the water to run off.

What happens if the structures are damaged during bad weather conditions?
  • Natural occurrences such as storm or wind damage are excluded from our guarantee

    and must be covered by the customer’s property insurance.

What is the warranty period for a sunports structure?
  • We guarantee our sunports shade cloth for 7 years and our installations for

    3 years from the date of commissioning.

What maintenance is required for the structures?
  • Repainting should be carried out on the steelwork every 2 years to prevent corrosion.
What happens if a pipe or cable is damaged during installation?
  • The ground at the site must be free of any obstacles such as water pipes or

    electricity cables, which may inhibit the team. These must be shown to us before work

    commences and we will not take any responsibility for damage caused.

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