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Z-imba: The Premier Prefabricated Building Solution in Zimbabwe. Discover unmatched versatility, cost-efficiency, and swift construction with our modular buildings, designed for quick installation and effortless mobility. Z-Imba stands at the intersection of cutting-edge design and affordability.

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Z-imba Modular Buildings innovative base rail system. Designed for, efficiency, these buildings feature a durable 76mm square tube framework and colour-coated steel with either IBR or widespan profile. The design ensures practicality and aesthetics with a width of 6,9 and 12 meters, 1.5 to 1.2-meter bay intervals, and energy-saving insulating bubble foil. Finished in grey etch primer. The building can be clad with Aero Lite internal insulation. Z-imba combines form and function, redefining modern construction with its blend of durability, style, and insulation.

The ease of assembly sets Z-imba Modular Buildings apart, eliminating the need for cranes by utilizing a bolt-together panel system. Customizable steel entry doors and windows ensure each structure meets specific project requirements, enhancing quick assembly and transport efficiency. As a leader in cost-effective and modern construction solutions, Z-imba Modular Buildings offers a sustainable, versatile alternative that accelerates project timelines and reduces costs, marking a significant shift towards innovative, efficient construction methodologies.

Years Established

Completed Projects


Open Sided Multi Purpose Hall

Code: PI.11

Building dimensions 6M(L)x 6M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 3.250 M at apex and 2.5M at eaves 

 Plan Multi Purpose Hall

Code: PI.13

Total building dimension 9M(L)x6M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 3.250 M at apex and 2.5 M at eaves

2 x  Door Openings



Workshop/Garage With Sliding Doors

Code: PI.9

Total building dimension 6M(L)x6M(W)

Mono-pitched roof

Roof height 3.25M at apex and 2.11M at lowest eave

1 x Z-imba steel single entry doors

2 x Z-imba large Sliding Doors

1 x C2H Windows



Total building dimension 9M(L)x6M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 3.250M at apex and 2.5M at eaves

2 x Z-imba steel double entry doors

6 x C2H Windows




Three Bay Workshop/Garage

Code: PI.7.1

Total building dimension 18.4M(L)x9M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 3.25 M at apex and 2.11 M at lowest eave

3 x Z-imba steel single entry doors

1 x Z-imba steel double entry door

3 x Z-imba steel large double doors

8 x C2H Windows

5 x NE1 Window



Total building dimension 11.6M(L)x5.9M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 3.250 M at apex and 2.45 M at eaves

2 x Z-imba steel double entry doors

2 x NE1 Windows




Let’s Build Something Together

We will work with you through each step of the way to design your space and incorporate any requirements that you may have

Can you tell me what a Z-imba Building is made from?

Z-imba Buildings are crafted with a combination of sturdy steel substructures and durable Chromadek cladding. This innovative combination ensures high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and all-weather resilience. The buildings feature bolt-together panels for walls and roofs, and can include insulation options for enhanced comfort. The design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making them ideal for relocation and diverse applications in various sectors.

Can you tell me more about what foundation I will need for a Z-imba Building ?

Z-imba buildings are designed to be installed on a robust yet lightweight concrete foundation. A 70mm thick concrete slab, underpinned by black plastic sheeting serving as an effective damp-proof course. Once the building is installed a 30mm thick screed is applied over the slab. With the outer lip of the slab sloped away from the building to facilitate effective water runoff

How durable are Z-imba buildings in various weather conditions, and what kind of maintenance do they typically require over the years?

Z-imba buildings are known for their robustness in various weather conditions, thanks to their high-performance Chromadek construction. This material is renowned for its strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, making it suitable for all-weather performance. Over the years, maintenance for Z-imba buildings is minimal. The Chromadek material used for the panels has been tested over time and proven to withstand diverse environmental conditions

Can Z-imba buildings be customized to suit specific needs, such as adding extra rooms or modifying existing spaces? Also, how easy is it to expand the building in the future if my space requirements change?

One of the standout features of Z-imba buildings is their modular design, which allows for extensive customization and easy expansion. You can customize these buildings to suit specific needs, such as adding extra rooms or modifying existing spaces. The modular nature enables you to easily add or remove modules, thereby increasing or decreasing the available square footage as per your operational requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial if your space requirements change in the future.

What does the installation process of a Z-imba building entail, and how long does it typically take from start to finish to have a fully operational building

The installation process of a Z-imba building is designed for efficiency and speed. The buildings are supplied in bolt-together panel form, which simplifies the handling and installation. This approach eliminates the need for cranes or heavy loading equipment, making the process quicker and more cost-effective. A typical installation involves laying a simple, low-cost concrete floor slab (a floating raft foundation) and assembling the panels on site. The actual installation time is impressively quick – smaller office-type buildings can be erected in a day, while larger accommodation blocks may take a few more days. Additional time may be needed for electrical and plumbing installations if required. Overall, from start to finish, you can expect to have a fully operational Z-imba building in a matter of weeks, significantly faster than conventional construction method

Client Testimonials

“Choosing Z-imba for our office building was a great. The speedy assembly and sleek design exceeded our expectations. Highly convenient and good customer service” 

“Z-imba delivered exceptional service. Their quick construction of our new facility was seamless, efficient, and utterly hassle-free. Really impressive work!”

“We’re thrilled with our Z-imba building. The installation was astonishingly smooth, saving us time and stress. It’s a great product. I’ll use them again”

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