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One room with double door

Code: A.2

Total building dimension 9.8M(L)x5.6M(W)

Mono-pitched roof

Roof height 2.45 M at front and 2.11 M at rear

1 x Z-imba steel double entry door

1 x C2H Windows


Two rooms with large double door

Code: C.3

Total building dimension 5.6M(L)x2.8M(W)

Mono-pitched roof

Roof height 2.45 M at front and 2.11 M at rear

1 x Z-imba steel large double doors

1 x C2H Windows

Six rooms side-by-side open plan

Code: PG.4

Total building dimension 8M(L)x5.6M(W)

Gable roof

Roof height 2.8 M at apex and 2.45 M at eaves

1 x Z-imba steel double entry door

4 x C2H Windows

Four rooms side-by-side open plan

Code: H.4

Total building dimension 11.2M(L)x2.8M(W)

Mono-pitched roof

Roof height 2.8 M at front and 2.45 M at rear

1 x Z-imba steel double entry door



There are some frequently asked about our Z-imba Buildings or if you have a specific question please donโ€™t hesitate to ask.

Can a Z-imba building be relocated to another site?
  • Yes the building can be relocated to another site by simply unbolting the panels
Can you tell me more about what foundation I will need for a Z-imba Building?
  • We do put our building on a 70mm concrete slab with black plastic sheeting for damp course and a 30mm screed which is sloping away from the building however, without suitable drainage water can seep under the panels
What about drainage and positioning my new Z-imba Building?
  • While our buildings are prefab and can fit in almost any space, we do advise you to think about rainfall when establishing a suitable site for your building. Being at the bottom of a steep slope or right up against the retaining wall may lead to the room being flooding. We also recommend a 60cm gap between your building and already exciting buildings
Whats is the maximum size a Z-imba can be?
  • Our Z-imba can only span 11.2m(w) but can be as long as you like. With a max roof height of 2.8m(H) and 2.11m(H) at eve.
What does a Z-imba come with for heat prevention?
  • All our buildings come standard with Alububble in the ceiling. You can also add internal cladding with side wall insulation to help keep the building cooler. We do recommend adding a verandah to keep the sun off the side walls as best as possible as well as noting to prevailing winds in order for us to have the windows opening into the wind to funnel air through the building.

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